Commercial Sector

The sector is interested in foreign trade (import and export) of all materials needed by the country, especially foodstuffs, construction materials and others, as well as commercial agencies of international companies and their representation inside Iraq.

Sector Business

Importing food from countries of the world and distributing them inside Iraq and contributing to the establishment of commercial malls.

Sector Companies

Khairat Al - Hanan Company

Khairat Al Hanan Company, the commercial arm of Al Hanan Group, was established in 2017 and is a leading company in all commercial fields, especially in the field of food marketing in Iraq. It has advanced production lines for the production, distribution and marketing of many varieties of high-quality foodstuffs "Khairat Al-Hanan" owns a number of food brands, specially manufactured for the company from the finest international origins, and the company also markets the most famous international brands for the Iraqi market, It is characterized by international ISO certifications and guarantees its customers products with standards and standards that are the best internationally, including product specifications, packaging, weight, size and durability.

THE Catalog of Al Hanan Group
  • Company Objective
  • Our Vision
  • Censorship
  • Raw materials
Our objectives seek to achieve comprehensive leadership in the trade sector and meet the requirements of the Iraqi consumer. Control and raw materials
It seeks to keep abreast of all growth opportunities in the market, with our full commitment to the values of excellence and innovation, and works to develop quality standards and consumer protection
The manufacturing phase is monitored at all stages by "experts specialized in quality and quality laboratories, equipped with the latest scientific and technical devices."
We use in our production the best and finest raw materials.


We store our products in our high-quality warehouses and properly separate them to ensure easy delivery, and also to make sure customers get a flawless product range, we use a variety of packaging materials

  1. Karbala: an area of 4000 square meters
  2. Maysan: an area of 3000 square meters

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