Construction Sector

One of the largest sectors in Al-Hanan Group where work is carried out in infrastructure projects, water and sewage projects, roads, bridges, energy projects, oil projects

  1. Karbala Sewage Treatment Plant/ Phase 2 and Phase 4
  2. Karama Bridge in Maysan City
  3. School building project in Wasit City
  4. Balad Water Treatment Project in Salahaddin City
  5. Nadir Bridge in babil City

Sector Companies

Al Hanan General Contracting Co. Ltd.

Al-Hanan General Contracting Company Limited was established in (2000) in the capital Baghdad, Iraq and headquartered in the holy province of Karbala in the present and the number of cadres in the company's headquarters (120) employees and in the work sites more than (1000) employees, is one of the leading companies in the field of general contracting and has an important prestigious position with government and private entities and at the highest levels and accuracy in the field of construction, electrical and mechanical contracting In addition to the experience in the field of engineering designs by building high-quality projects for the contractors with them, including providing the highest levels of construction and construction and commitment to the time period for the implementation of projects and we seek to provide the latest means of construction in implementation through our engineering cadres who have the technical and practical experience in following up the implementation matters according to the designs of every project that is planned and implemented by us. Note that the company's capital is (7,000,000,000) dinars.

THE Catalog of Al Hanan Group
  • Company Classification
  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
Excellent Grade Construction Company / First Class Mechanical and Electrical Company – under the instructions of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning.
We have to be an important part of rebuilding Iraq by following modern working methods with quality management.
- Al Hanan Company is committed to providing a high level of engineering services The main objective of the company is to keep pace with the era of globalization and in accordance with quality standards.
- The history of Al Hanan Company testifies that it has experts in all fields of general contracting

Company Objectives

  1. Developing the service reality of infrastructure construction, reconstruction and investment taking into account discrimination in our business.
  2. Assignment of engineering cadres with experience in various engineering disciplines.
  3. Commitment to the technical specifications of the works and occupational safety standards in the implementation of all projects of the company.
  4. The foundation of the company is based on sobriety through openness, trust and mutual respect with all employees.
  5. The foundation of the company is based on sobriety through openness, trust and mutual respect with all employees.
  6. Building relationships with sober foreign companies with competence. Similar in terms of design, implementation and processing of works.
  7. Execution of works in a short time and at the lowest costs.
  8. Development of engineering cadres through courses and conferences.
  9. Participation in international, regional and local exhibitions for the purpose of identifying the latest international technologies in the field of construction, reconstruction and investment.
  10. Dealing with international foreign companies for the purpose of providing the latest mechanisms and equipment required for the construction of project works.

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